ROAD Coach

Accreditation & qualifications

  • Athletics Australia Accredited Coach 2018

  • Athletics Australia - Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach 2018

  • Athletics Australia - Level 1 Community Athletics Coach 2018

  • IAAF Kids Athletics Coach

  • Community Coaching General Principles - Australian Sports Commission 2018

  • PBTR – Child Protection 2018

  • PBTR - Harassment and Discrimination 2018

  • PBTR - Let Kids Be Kids 2018

  • Getting in the Zone - Australian Sports Commission 2018

  • Goal Setting - Australian Sports Commission 2018

  • Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority

  • (ASADA) - Level 1 Anti-doping 2017

  • St Johns Ambulance Australia 2017

  • - Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

  • - Provide basic emergency life support

  • - Provide first aid

  • Endurance Training Leader (ETL) British Army 2006

  • UK Athletics Level 2 Track & Field Coach 2004

  • UK Athletics Level 1 Track & Field Coach 2002

Tony Smith

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”


- Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt

First and foremost, Tony has a passion for running. He doesn’t profess to be born with natural talent, but over 20 years in the Armed Forces has given him a discipline and work ethic that is second to none.


Tony has combined his passion and work ethic to help others succeed in their running goals.


He is a firm believer in keeping an open mind to what is considered the best way to coach runners. Whilst he is a Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach, Tony believes in continually innovating and is always learning new coaching methods strategies to assist others in meeting their running goals, whether this is for runners simply starting to run through to ultra-distance marathons. The key point is that Tony recognises we are all different and therefore applies the most appropriate training strategy for his runners.

Running Highlights

2021 Sandman 50km 1st (3:45)
2021 Australia Day Ultra 50km 2nd (3:23)

2020 Busselton Marathon 3rd
2020 Australia Day Ultra 50km 3rd
2019 Busselton Marathon 2nd
2019 Berlin Marathon (2:42)

2019 City to Surf Marathon 5th (2:45)
2019 Pipeline Marathon 2nd
2019 Rottnest Marathon 3rd
2019 Bunbury 50km 2nd
2019 Australia Day Ultra 50km 1st

2018 Sandman 50km 1st 

2018 Rottnest Marathon 3rd
2018 Running Works 50km 1st

2018 Bunbury 50km 1st

2018 Australia Day Ultra 100km 3rd

2018 Darwin 10km 2nd

2017 Yaberoo 50km 4th

2017 Vine Runner Half 3rd

2016 Australia Day Ultra 50km 4th

2016 Goldfields Marathon 1st 

2016 World Masters Marathon 7th (Age Group)

2016 Busselton Half Ironman (5:01)

2016 Feral Pig 50km 1st

2016 Bunbury 50km 1st 

2016 Lighthorse 12 Hour Ultra 2nd

Trail Coach

Accreditation & qualifications


  • Athletics Australia Accredited Coach 2020

  • Athletics Australia - Level 1 Run Coach 2020


  • Perth Trail Series - Event Ambassador

Ben Harris

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits” Anon

An avid trail runner, Ben has gravitated towards longer and challenging race formats. While not always on top of the podium Ben has had much success in his amateur running years dating back to his first road ultra in 2014 finishing eighth in the 50km event.


After years of writing programs from hard-earned lessons and assisting others to succeed in their own events Ben has formalised his qualification as a Level 1 Run Coach to join the Tony Smith Run Coaching Team, complimenting Tony’s road race expertise specialising in training for trail events.

Ben believes in using goals and races for motivation while having some flexibility in training targets to keep training for those goals fun and effective.

With a similar military background to Tony, Ben has similar values when it comes to training dedication and commitments to both his clients and their goals.

Running Highlights

2019 Great Southern Endurance Run, 171km with 10,500m v+, Silver buckle finish in 37 hours 30 - 8th

2019 Birdy’s Backyard Ultra, 87.1km 2,500m v+, 13 hours 7th

2018 Waterous Trail On Foot, 161km 3,300m v+, 23 hours 30, buckle finish - 12th

2017 6 Inch Trail marathon, 47km 900m v+  4 hours 14 - 33rd

2017 Great Southern Endurance Run, 181km 10,300m v+, 42 hours 38, Bronze buckle finish - 17th

2017 Waterous Trail On Foot, 82km, 1,600m v+, 8 hours 19 - 1st

2016 6 Inch Trail Marathon, 47km, 900m v+, 4 hours 16 – 25th

2016 Lighthorse 12 Hour Ultra, 102km – 10th

2016 Watrous Trail On Foot, 161km 3,300m v+ 20 hours 59 – 3rd

2016 Feral Pig Ultra, 50km 1,000m v+ 4 hours 44 – 4th

2016 Australia Day Ultra, 50km 3 hours 46

2015 6 Inch Trail marathon 47km, 900m v+ 4 hours 10 - 24th

2015 Waterous Trail On Foot, 161km, 3,000m v+ 21 hours 45 - 1st

2015 Goldfields Pipeline Marathon, 42.2km 150m v+, 3 hours 12 – 5th

2015 ANZAC Day Challenge, 100km 10 hours 21 – 10th

2015 Lark Hill Dusk Till Dawn, 50km 5 hours 8 – 15th

2015 Australia Day Ultra, 50km 4 hours 10 – 6th

2014 Waterous Trail On Foot, 82km, 1400m v+ 9 hours 14, - 8th

2014 Bunbury 3 Waters, 50km 103m v+, 4 hours 44 – 8th


In addition, Ben has raced or volunteered at almost every trail event in Perth including a previous event ambassador for the Perth Trail Series

Road coach

Accreditation & qualifications

  • Athletics Australia Accredited Coach 2019

  • Athletics Australia - Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach 2019

  • PBTR – Child Protection 2019

  • PBTR - Harassment and Discrimination 2019

Gareth jones

“A runner must run with dreams in their heart” Emil Zatopek

Gareth had a late start into running after playing team sports for most of his life and found that running was the best way of him staying healthy whilst balancing work and a young family.

Gareth’s strengths and enjoyments lie in seeing others succeed. After taking on a volunteer weekly coaching role at a large running group, Gareth wanted to learn more about the key principles and theories involved in training and coaching and formalized this by becoming an accredited coach in 2019.

Open-minded when it comes to running and coaching, he is always looking to improve and consider new research and methods and how to apply them in training plans for today’s busy society.

Gareth enjoys being a part of the local running community and will often be at a local parkrun willing to jump in and help pace someone to a PB. 

Road coach

Accreditation & qualifications

  • Athletics Australia Accredited Coach 2020

  • Athletics Australia - Level 1 Running Coach 2020​​

vici richardson

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up” 

Jonh Holmes

Vici started running 20 years ago in the UK and after joining a local running club, became a regular on at events ranging from 800m track to cross country and off-road ultras.


After moving to Australia in 2015, Vici jumped on the triathlon bandwagon but always defaulted to running as the discipline she most enjoyed. Although not naturally talented at any sport, Vici realised that grit and determination work wonders in helping to break through pain barriers. Her fling with the dark side culminated with Ironman Busselton in 2019, and running again became her focus throughout 2020.


Vici's passion for the sport is driven by a desire to achieve better than yesterday but she also places great importance on running to help manage the stresses of everyday life.


Vici is keen to support and encourage runners of all abilities to gain enjoyment and positivity from running and achieve their goals. She has recently formalised her coaching with the level 1 accredited run coach course.


"I'm excited to contribute to the fantastic community Tony has built and feel honoured to have been given the opportunity."  

Running Highlights

2020 Busselton Marathon (3:20)
2020 ANZAC Day Marathon* (3:40)

2019 Busselton IM Marathon (4:55)
2019 Bussleton IM (13:15)
2019 C2S Marathon (3:40)
2018 Bussleton 70.3 (5:54)
2018 Melbourne Marathon (3:44) 
2018 Busselton Marathon (3:41)

2015 London Marathon (3:48)
2014 Thunder Run 24hr (120km)

2013 Yorkshire Marathon (6:13 - Trail)
2012 Abingdon Marathon (3:53)
2012 Manchester Marathon (3:54)
2012 Daffodil Marathon (5:18 - navigation)

2011 Stratford Marathon (4:46)

2011 London Marathon
2008 Robin Hood Marathon (4:29)


Adventure/Team Races - Toghy Guy, Sandman 50, MRU, Cobber Classic, Moon Shodow, Mt Helena 40miler, 

Run Director at Perry Lakes parkrun and regular runner. 


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