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Personalised training plan




achieve your goals


» A personalised 12 - week training program designed to your fitness level and goals


» The perfect balance of training and recovery to optimize your performance gains so you can reach your full potential


» Training program delivered online via Final Surge (emailed via PDF if preferred)


» Unlimited Q&A support on the planned workouts via Final Surge


» Daily reminders of your workouts via email


» End of plan consultation to review your goal/event performance


» Initial running session to determine training paces/heart rate zones based on your current running fitness

This option is ideal for the runner looking for an individual training plan, without the ongoing commitment of working with a coach week-by-week.


Beginning with a brief online questionnaire, followed by a coffee, Skype, or phone consultation (email exchange if preferred) to consolidate and set your running/event goals.


An individual 12 week training program will be designed and built just for you. The program will progressively guide you toward your goal. Your plan will be designed around your lifestyle, disposable time and include any tune-up races, holidays, work, travel, etc. This truly is a fully personalised training plan and will enable you to train optimally and avoid the pitfalls that come with following a generic program. 


Your 12 week training program is then delivered (usually 2-3 days following consultation) using the online training log Final Surge (or email if preferred) which is compatible with Garmin, STRAVA, and other popular online platforms.   
Changes and updates to the program can be made by booking additional follow-up consultations.

Package Price $240


  1. In-person consultations with Tony are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and location. This will be discussed during the initial contact period.

  2. Final Surge is a free online service with corresponding mobile apps - if you don't have an account you will be requested to create one. Alternatively, plans can be provided as PDF attachments via email - please advise if this is preferred.

  3. Additional consultations after the plan has been created are $50 for up to one hour and include any modifications to the remainder of the plan, feedback and tips on progress to-date, race-day strategies and any other running related questions you may have. If the consultation is less than 15 minutes in duration and results in no additional changes to the plan, Tony may, at his discretion waive the $50 cost.

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