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all abilities and ages


no one will be left behind or will be too slow  


Designed for anyone who hasn't exercised in a while

» Come and join Coach Claire and let's get you active... we will teach you to run.


» 4 Week introduction to running course starts on XXXXXXX.

» All sessions start and finish from a safe location with parking and public conveniences nearby.


» We Specifically designed for anyone who hasn't exercised in a while, maybe you can only run for a minute at the moment, that's not a problem.


» 4 sessions per week on offer and 16 sessions throughout the course. 


» Attend as many sessions as you can. If you are unable to attend all the sessions, we can provide the info for you to do it when you can.​​



This training course is equally suited to those who are new to running, looking to run your first parkrun, would like to run with your children, those returning to running after an extended break or sometimes struggle with motivation- this group is for you.


We have the training solution to suit your needs and busy schedule.


The course builds you up over 4 weeks so you can run further, faster and more efficiently, lead by a female coach who understands how to start.


Our Course is 4 Weeks long & kicks off on Wednesday September 26, 2018.

We have been conducting LEARN TO RUN Courses for a long while now. We have supported many Perth ladies in kick-starting their fitness journey with the most simple and fulfilling of all exercise.....running.

As well as improving your fitness, you will learn run technique to help you run more efficiently and to avoid injury. 

This course is designed for the woman who hasn't exercised in ages, the woman who can only run for a minute, the woman who has put on weight since having kids, the woman who needs motivation to get started. Our motto is, "No One Is Too Slow".

Attend as many of the sessions as you can. There are 4 each week on offer (16 sessions throughout the course). If you can't make a session, we are more than happy to give you homework to do in your own time.

Package Price $199.00 for 16 coached sessions.

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